Stijn Deknudt

As an IT consultant, I can help you with the development of innovative IT applications. With more than 20 years of experience, I provide different services, like designing or auditing software architecture, developing web applications, integration of different software components or helping to build a cloud-based architecture.


Software development

We develop your applications using state of the art software frameworks. We have tons of experience in implementing web- and data processing applications.

Software architecture

We design the best architecture that supports your functional and non-functional requirements.


We automate repetitive tasks as much as possible, delivering a continuous reproducible, consistent and cost-effective experience.


Throughout the years I worked for many clients in different industries.


Stijn has a good practices and methods of work, he is all the time searching for quality and reusability. He does not hesitate to share his knowledge with other people.

Hicham Boujmal, Senior Software Engineer SDPSP

Stijn is capable to solve a lot of complex java related problems in an elegant fashion. He is always looking to acquire knowledge in new domains, mostly java related. He can glue several of those domains together into a working solution for your business. He is indeed an added value to your team.

Joeri Bossuyt, Project Leader, HDP

Stijn has a strong interest in new technologies and isn’t afraid to learn more about them in his private time. The work he delivers is of very good quality and often better than what was expected.

Pieter Coucke, Java Technical Lead, The Reference

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